How it works

It is easy to use and you can use our service every day.
  • Select how to delivery

    One delivery (for one parcel to a destination). Multiple delivery (for more than one parcel).

  • Choose Location & Delivery Vehicle

    Provide pick up, delivery destination and choose Delivery Vehicle like Cycle, Scooter, cargo car, etc.

  • Add more details on a delivery

    Add more details about a parcel or a receiver.

  • Tracking your parcel

    You can track your parcel while it is delivered to a receiver.

Service calculation (in process)

You can calculate the fare roughly before delivery. So, you can select a package which suits your need.

Our Services

We aim to serve the best for our customer. Moreover, we take a great care on your parcel.

Single Delivery

Our application also provide one parcel delivery. You can order only a pizza or just a bottle of wine with our application. Furthermore, you can enjoy a healthy food prepared by a nutritionist.

Multiple Delivery

A consumer can also select a multiple delivery at the same time. All parcels will be delivered to all destination safely.

Our Benefits

The consumer’s satisfication is our priority.

  • Vehicle management by a logistic company

    A company can register and manage a vehicle as well as a driver.

  • Choices of vehicle

    You can select a vehicle which suits your need.

  • Delivery verification with different password

    To verify a delivery, we use different password with a signature.

  • Real time tracking with google map

    A consumer can do real time tracking using google.

  • Driver checking

    With our professional system, all driver is qualify with years of experience.

  • Favourite driver

    A consumer can add a favourite driver into your favourite list.

Our vehicle

We provide a range of vehicles to deliver your parcel on time safely.
  • Bike
  • Scooter
  • Motor Bike
  • Freight car
  • Small truck
  • Big truck

Download App

Download an incredible app and start to enjoy our delivery service.

  • Easy to book
  • 24 hours service
  • GPS
  • Effectivenes
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