How to use

It is really easy and convenient to book a motorcycle ride with us. Just follow the steps below:


  • Specify a location Register on our application with your email address and phone number or social media.
  • Select a type of motorcycle Select a type of motorcycle you would like.
  • Verify your service Select a paying method and send a request to a driver near you.
  • Enjoy your ride Make an advice or a suggestion after finishing a service.

Fare calculation (In progress)

Our drivers are professional. They will make sure that you will receive the best service and arrive at a destination safely. Another feature from our app is you can calculate the fare which depends on the distance.

Our Services

Our service is safe for a customer. In addition, we provide a variety of choice and aim the best for our customer.
  • Eco- friendly service

    Since we also concern about the environment, we will launch a bicycle taxi in the future.

  • Wide variety of options

    Customers have a wide variety of options to choose from. They can enjoy choosing a Motorbike, scooter, Moped vehicle option.

  • A variety of choices

    A customer will have a variety of vehicle to choose.

  • Professional driver

    All driver knows their route well. In addition, they realize how the traffic on their way is.

  • Manual

    A customer can directly call our customer service to book a motorcycle ride.

  • Fare calculation

    A customer will receive a roughly fare so that he/she knows how much is needed to pay.


Your satisfaction and safety are our priority.
  • Driver

    A service request will automatically be sent to a driver near you.

  • Easy payment

    Cash/ credit card/ money wallet are accepted.

  • Review

    Drivers can check and rate each other.

  • Book now or later

    A customer can call a driver immediately or book it for later.

  • Real time tracking

    A customer can track the driver in real time

  • Wage history

    A driver can access a pay record including day by day, income, commission and other details.

Types of vehicle

We provide a range of vehicle for a customer.

  • Scooter
  • Motor Bike
  • Sports Bike


Our application lets you enjoy safely riding with the easy functions. In addition, the service is fast and safe for a customer.

  • Easy download
  • Easy application
  • Fare calculation
  • Real time tracking
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Earn more money

Everyone can become a driver by register on our application. Then, you will earn money unlimited!!

Safe and Safe every time!!

Every driver on our application is reliable and professional. They are all well-trained. Most importantly, they have done a background check before becoming our driver.

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