BEEfast Cleaning

We understand how busy your life can be! And sometimes you do not feel like going out from your house, but you still want to receive some services such as getting a massage or getting your hair done, fixing some stuffs and etc. Then, you can still receive all services through our application ‘BEEfast’.

How This App Works

It is really easy to use our application. Let’s see how it works.

    You can register by filling out your e-mail, phone number and social media such as facebook, Twitter and Google+. After the register, you can log in using your username and password.

  • Tracking

    After you choose a service, you can do a real time tracking.

  • Choose address and select a service

    Fill out your address and select a service you want such as car wash, house cleaning or bathroom cleaning, etc.

  • Satisfication

    You can give us a suggestion or satisfication.

  • Additional service

    Select an additional service and make a payment (credit/debit card, cash, money wallet).

  • Make a suggestion

    You can give the helpful suggestion to help us improve our service.

For all Provider

With a professional support from the team as well as the platform, you will be able to get the job immediately and earn the money since the first day. Also, a large number of features in our platform will help you to find the job easier!! 

For all User

Register to reserve an interesting service from us such as, car wash, house cleaning service, general cleaning service and etc. Select a serivce and reserve now.

Download App

If you do not want to download many applications into your devices, then you can download ‘BEEfast’ which is available both Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to book
Google Play แอพสโตร์


You can earn money as much as you can. To grow together with us.

  • Employee well-being

    We are making sure that our drivers will receive the best benefits with the fully support from our team. Their money will be transferred into their accounts which they can withdraw anytime.

  • Manage your own working hour

    We will not force our drivers to work on our schedule. They have freedom to work whenever they want to.

  • Security

    Since our drivers’ security is our priority, we adapt the high-technology used to follow our driver before and after the ride as well as while they are driving.