Working on beefast taxi

  • Register Yourself Register on our app by filling out your email and phone number or other social platforms.
  • Select a location Select a location to receive and deliver your parcel.
  • Select a vehicle Select a vehicle. It might be a sedan or other types of car.
  • Enjoy your Ride You can enjoy our service and make a convenient payment. Also, you can give an advice on our service.

Travel calculation (In progress)

The drivers are professional and they will make sure that our customer will impress with our service.  Also, they are reliable and qualify. Our application provide a travel calculation which depends on the distance.

Our Services

We aim to meet our customer satisfaction. Whether you have to attend a meeting or a wedding, we will bring you to a destination safely and pleasantly. Besides, we also provide food delivery, motorcycle, rental car and etc.
  • Taxi

    We don’t forget to take care of the environment, therefore we will provide a bicycle taxi in the future. This service is 100% environmentally friendly service which is easy to use.

  • A variety of choices

    We provide a range of car where you can select such as sedan, SUV and etc.

  • A variety of choices

    We provide a range of car where you can select such as sedan, SUV and etc.

  • Professional driver

    Our driver has been trained so that they know the route well. Also, they know how the traffic on their route will be like.

  • Security

    We will make sure that our driver is polite and reliable. All driver must do a background check, also a drug testing before they become our driver.

  • Customer service

    When a customer has any problem, he/she can contact our customer service immediately. They are available to help you anytime.


We would love to see the satisfaction from both a customer and a supplier.
  • Social Media Login

    A driver can register using Facebook, Linked in and Google+.

  • Travel calculation

    A customer can do a fare calculation before a ride.

  • Security

    An email address as well as a device are checked every time to prevent a fraud.

  • A choice of vehicle

    A customer can choose a vehicle such as hatchback, SUV, Sedan and etc.

  • Schedulling your ride

    A customer can book a type of vehicle and time for a ride.

  • SOS

    A customer can call a SOS number asking for an emergency help during a ride.

BEEfast Kios machine

It is a machine to help a tourist to call a car from a hotel reception, while a hotel can earn a commission. In addition, a tourist can choose a seat from a BEEfast Kios machine.

You can now download the application to start using our service. It is available on both Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Types of cars

We provide a range of vehicle through our APP.

  • Basic
  • Normal
  • Luxurious

Download the app now

You can now download our application start to enjoy a pleasant ride. Our APP can sync with iOS, Android and Windows with the amazing features:

  • Fare calculation 
  • Real time tracking
  • Social integration
  • Easy log in and registration
Google Play แอพสโตร์

Our service

Our drivers are professional. Importantly, we make sure that they will bring you to a destination safely.

Secure And Safe Rides, Always

All driver must be checked the background check and drug testing.

Call us to Book a Taxi


This feature is especially useful while catering to people who do not have access to the internet or smart phones. Book Taxi through phone calls and enjoy the Ride.